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March 30, 2011 / margikimball

♥ Ping Zhu, King of the Cosmos

And so here the gestural meets the controlled line, flat color mingles with texture and the abstract plays with the representative. Hello, Ping Zhu, we heart you. Ping borrows techniques from other mediums to create what I would say are beautifully dramatic images. In the image of the condor above, for instance, the creature is cropped a la a photograph and so we are immediately brought into the personal space of the creature, almost confronted by it (her? him?).

I’m also drawn to the gestures here, evidence of the brush, the hand. Like in the tail of the fox, Ping allows the paint to break but we read it as tail, as bushy tail. And so texture is created by the medium (of course) but also by the looseness of the mark. There’s something playful about this, smart, unconcerned, confident.

I’ll include one of Ping’s dinosaurs here because I like it, it’s funny, and also because I’ve been on a dinosaur kick for the past few months.

Anyway, Ping’s work helps us think about illustration differently, perhaps. Helps us think about how we might use the techniques and language of other disciplines to communicate our messages. Check her out. Hire her. Follow her tweets. She’s excellent.


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