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March 23, 2011 / margikimball

♥ Scott Daros

Next up in our week of Uconn folks is Scott Daros, who I did have the pleasure of having several classes with. Several times, I’d show up to critique mainly just to see what he’d come up with. In short, he rocks. Here is some of his recent work.

A versatile illustrator, Scott spans the worlds of animation, print and 3D, all with an inclination toward the narrative, the story. (You can see videos of his animations and images of his visual narratives on his site.) Anyway, there’s an attention to texture in his work. I feel like I can pet the mammoth, be somewhat grossed out by the arm hair of Hairy Morgan and touch the smooth surface of the claymation skin.

So this in interesting in the way the senses are heightened, like I’m not just seeing the work, but also my hands are preparing themselves for touch. If that makes sense. He’s also playful in his illustrations, layered in meaning and sometimes rather sweet.

There’s something subtle about Scott’s work. So the Uconn program is structured in a classical way (figure drawing, concept development, a foundation in various mediums, etc.) and you can see evidence of that here. Scott knows the human form. And he also departs from it. Elongated limbs, ridiculously small feet, legs too far apart to work. Yet the characters seem real in some alternate reality at least. These moments of departure give the work personality, give it life. Am I rambling? Anyway, see a ton more of Scott’s excellent work on his site.


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