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March 14, 2011 / margikimball

♥ Ko. Machiyama

Heading back to Japan this week (you know, via the internet), we are looking at the beautiful, the abstract, the intimate work of Ko. Machiyama. In these images, shapes (outlines) are controlled, are realistic in the way they sort of sit (like an arm, so truly an arm) and these areas of control are offset by moments of sort of wild gestures.

Colors are rendered through textures and combined in subdued ways, almost vintage-y but the shall we say detailed abstractions suggest a contemporary-ness placing them in the now.

I think maybe there’s a sense of isolation in the work. Figures frequently sit alone or sort of stare off into nothing. And yet we (I) believe in their existence because of their careful rendering.

And well I am moved by these pieces, by the characters herein. I want to know of their lives of these frozen moments. The work communicates a cool remove but the very act of their rendering suggests an intimacy, an interest.

I learned of Machiyama through a tweet by Wataru Yoshida and a blog post by Living Design. Also check out Machiyama’s portfolio on Behance. And it must be said too that my thoughts are with those in Japan, that I am hoping for safety and calm weather and warmth and food. And speaking of, check out some aid-related designs here.


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