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March 10, 2011 / margikimball

♥ :: Natsuki Otani

This morning, I just found the work of Natsuki Otani, an illustrator from Tokyo living in England. And so I had to interrupt the regularly scheduled program to share her work. Anyway, she owns hamsters and her clients range from Urban Outfitters to local record labels.

What is striking/beautiful about Natsuki’s work is, I think, her use of color and control of her marks. There’s something totally lovely in the idea of using a rainbow to draw a person, something universalizing in the message of this approach.

I also want to note that while these marks are entirely contained, entirely controlled, they maintain a gestural quality which makes the images move or come alive. We get the sense that the girl might smirk at us or that butterfly might continue across the page.

Oh, my. I’m sort of admittedly breathless here. So make sure to check out Natsuki’s website, where there are even more illustrations. More color, more surprises. And also see her work in Zouch Magazine.


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