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March 2, 2011 / margikimball

♥ :: One and Done

Ok. Amazing. Here, illustration love meets Better Than Ezra love. BTE is, I’d posit, one of the best bands emerging in the ’90s. Nirvana? Sublime? Pearl Jam? Phish? Nay. Better Than Ezra rocks a mean alternative love song (Rosalia, anyone?) They were also the first band I went to see live at Toad’s Place in New Haven (along with, if memory serves, Goo Goo Dolls…yes, I said it). Heart be still. But anyway.

Lorin Brown is the force behind One and Done, a studio in Los Angeles. Once again, I don’t think we can distinguish design from illustration here. (Unless of course it’s the object that’s designed and the illustration is placed within that design…but doesn’t illustration necessarily incorporate design into its making?)

A versatile creative, Lorin’s studio frequently collaborates with various art directors, agencies and companies to make things. Additionally, Brown is the Digital Director of the art magazine, Arkitip. As you can see in much of his work, Lorin is inspired by music and youth culture (kind of reminding me of the Beautiful Losers, and that California punk rock awesomeness.)

I’m really drawn to the details of the work and the way each piece creates a labyrinth through which to wander, consider, meditate on. Also, the details create a sort f overall pattern which creates a texture, or multiplicity of textures to engage with. And yea, Brown is 23. From Pennsylvania. Graduate of CalArts. Total badass. Check out an interview with him here.


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