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February 28, 2011 / margikimball

♥ :: Shotopop

Last week, in looking at various applications of design, we came across Brosmind Studio, which got me thinking about studios and/or collectives dedicated mainly to illustration. A lovely idea. So this week, I thought we might check out some such enterprises, the types of images created and, hopefully, even more applications of illustration in the world.

First up is Shotopop, hailing from a shipping container on the river Thames in London, this group spans the digital, tactile and web spaces. While they do work in the design realm, I think their approach to illustration is quite strong and rather interesting. In fact, I’m not sure we can even separate illustration from design so easily.

The group considers illustration from a three-dimensional position, creating entire environments that encapsulate their images, their ideas. Even if the final product occurs in print, the space is still revealed, offering not only an object illustration but a place in which to consider the object (being, thing, etc.).

Formally, the group uses pen and ink marks with photographic elements, color or limited palettes, textures and cut paper. (Note, this post focuses on their “tactile illustration” but they do create digital work as well.) These varying elements are made cohesive by their compositions and by the act of photographing the spaces, which again reduces the dimension in which we view the images.

So anyway, this week we are checking out illustration studios and I think Shotopop (play on Photoshop) is an excellent starting point. Also make sure to check out their blog, where they discuss works in progress, events and their general awesomeness.


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