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February 25, 2011 / margikimball

♥ :: Nate Williams

I’m a bit late in posting today as I wanted to leave the Smarthistory information up for as long as possible. Anywho, continuing in our search for unconventionally, three-dimensionally applied illustration, let us look at Nate Williams, the force behind Illustration Mundo and the Letter Playground.

Much of Nate’s work manifests in printed matter, but a) He has an entire link to “Art on Stuff” (awesome); and b) These examples show really interesting ways in which illustration can appear in the world. (Imagine Nate’s work on the side of a 50-story building, for instance. Or an airplane. You get the idea.)

Anyway, the work is playful, well-crafted, conceptually engaging, unique perhaps. Again, function meets fun here. The looseness of the line combines beautifully with solid, geometric shapes and all of this is contained in an organized, readable way. His use of letters/words/language is smart, unexpected. Frequently funny, too (dog heroes! aliens! rocket ships!).

Nate also generously gives advice to creatives, about being creative, about having style or not, about careers. Check out his ideas. And keep up with him on the interwebs…his work is refreshingly tireless, engaged and just plain interesting.


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