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February 22, 2011 / margikimball

Illustrator Love #7: Sanna Annukka

Sanna Annukka is a half Finnish, half English illustrator/design with a clear passion for the icon. Her work is inspired by Finnish culture and a propensity for patterns. One of the elements making her work successful is her fearless use of color and [abstracted] shape.

Continuing on our week here of applied illustration, we see Annukka’s work emerging in textiles, objects and package design, logical forms for an interest in patterning. We might note the capacity of these illustrations to create energetic expression even through their abstracted forms. Also their whimsy and decorative nature sort of allude to the mythical, almost at times reminding me of the tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

Check out more of Sanna’s work (and her blog) via the glorious internet. See also her commercial design-y illustration here. (Found via The Dieline.)


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  1. foxyandcarver / Feb 24 2011 4:12 pm

    I love the graphics. So bold, colourful and eye catching!

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