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September 18, 2010 / margikimball

Illustrated Packaging…and an Assignment

Recently, I’ve been delighted to happen upon a ton of packaging and identity systems that include illustration. Maybe I’m just more attuned to the field now, or maybe there really is an interesting trend brewing here. Whatever the case, our next assignment involves the illustration of soap packaging or a soap label. Using – drumroll – scratchboard! While scratchboard is demanding for a lot of reasons (unforgiving-ness of the medium, stark contrasts, dramatic tension), this technique often creates beautiful results. With that, here are some examples of scratchboard as it’s used in contemporary illustration:

Roger Xavier, Red Cap Vineyards

Mark Summers, Twain

Chris Gall, Octopus

And now…for some interesting soap-y things.

Moxie Sozo and Charles Bloom, Leap Organics (Source: Lovely Package)

El Designo (Source: Lovely Package)

Laurie DeMartino Design (Source: Lovely Package)

A Rather Novel Collection (Sources: Anthropologie & designworklife)

Kings (Source: The Dieline)

I chose soap because the label (wrapper, package) is small and design elements can be employed to create patterns and, essentially, illustrations. Also, the boutique soaps, while ridiculously priced, seem to be using illustration to create their identities. This is awesome. Also, this project demonstrates a practical application of illustration and, thus, can potentially be used in your portfolios.

Some advice for the project. Don’t focus on type if it feels too complicated; we aren’t using color so consider how black and white can communicate; think about patterns and flourishes; think about what makes an identity successful.

With that, here is the assignment: Assignment: An Illustrated Label



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  1. Marissa / Sep 21 2010 4:33 am

    I am pretty excited about this project. I have been thinking of ideas all weekend.

  2. jeremyraskin / Oct 6 2010 6:17 am

    I am really excited to finish this project. Never done scratch board before but I am really enjoying this project so far Its going to be really interesting to see the final product on an actual soap container. As I work on the scratchboard I continue to think of new ideas of what I can add to the scratchboard. I am close to finishing and I can’t wait to see my art on a soap container.


  1. Margaret Kimball | Design. Illustration. And Other Thinkings. | Illustration + Packaging = Kind of Exciting

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