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November 5, 2009 / margikimball

Collage + Diagram + Ideas


Escape, John Gialanella, 2009

Hello Illustrators!
For my class (the Kimball section) our latest project is examining the intersection between collage (photomontage/mixed media) and the concept of the diagram. Here are some images from our very own graduate student, John Gialanella, who is interested in collecting and creating these kinds of images from various forms of [digital and real] ephemera. John’s work varies from the diagram concept a little but we can see the suggestion of it.


Focus, John Gialanella, 2009

Also, I’m posting links to online resources here and on the Resources page of this site. (Thanks to Alyssa F. for pointing us to many of these sites!)

Historical Anatomies
Dream Anatomy
Google Patents
Military Diagrams
Archived Diagrams
Archived Diagram of Human Nerve System

Definition Help
Wikimedia: Specific Diagram Types
Wikipedia: Diagram

Transfer Methods
Online Art Magazine
Art E-ZIne



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  1. Caroline / Nov 7 2009 1:07 am

    After calling two Ace Hardwares and being disappointed, I looked up the Citra-Solv website to see if I could find out what’s in it so I could try to find a substitute. But I found something better! They list the places that carry their products, so I found out you can get it at the Food Co-Op on 4th Ave (called and confirmed) or Whole Foods or Sunflower Market (didn’t call to make sure).

    Their website even has links to image transfer instructions and a whole section about art using Citra-Solv.


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